Business Quote: Part II You can sell a lot more if….

Posted by kay on February 3, 2011
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Papa Johns has a new promotion: free pizzas to “every American” (with some small print) if Sunday’s Super Bowl goes into overtime.  Any thought as to why? Well, their head of Marketing says it’s because they’d rather give away millions of pizzas than spend three million dollars for a 30 second commercial – but that’s less than a complete answer. The fact is potential recipients must register online to be eligible and the national chain
The taste buds of the masses seem to go through phases… periods during which a certain type of food becomes popular. As a kid, I remember when Chinese restaurants became all the rage, then Italian; Sushi led to Thai and then Indian – and now Barbecue.  And, unfortunately, with massive acceptance comes attempts at franchising. Corporate types seeking to put more black ink on the bottom line by stamping out cookie-cutter operations offering mass production
Burger King recently gave away free coffee… not a free cup of coffee if you bought something, just a free cup of coffee – no purchase required. Why, because as Vistage member and speaker Brad Fallon said years ago, “If you give it away, you can sell a lot more.”  In Burger King’s case, it wasn’t just about selling more coffee. It was about selling more of everything; the folks at Denny’s proved that following

Black Bart Makes Big Bucks

Posted by kay on November 30, 2010
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Yesterday was Cyber Monday – the day we were encouraged to go online, seize what are purported to be great discounts, and spend the nation back into prosperity… or, at the least, financial stability. Most have electronic relationships (or is that an oxymoron?) with established suppliers, the Amazons of the world;  but for those in search of a specific product, a web search is typically the first order of business: go to Google, enter the

Happy Birthday Stan

Posted by kay on November 22, 2010
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Baseball fans all, For most, today is the day we remember that President Kennedy was shot and killed.  It is also, however, the day that Stan Musial was born…   and today The Man celebrates his 90th as the newly named recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom… Stan The Man follows DiMaggio, Williams, Clemente, Frank and Jackie Robinson and Buck O’Neil in receiving the honor… and likely is being so honored only because the owner