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Business quotes designed to improve your bottom line, or, at the least, your disposition.


Those of us in the newspaper business know that for the sake of credibility there is nothing better than a direct quote. Printing the newsmaker's exact words and leaving interpretation up to the reader. And that's what Bud Carter has been doing for more than 20 years: copying down direct quotes ("salient snippets" he calls them) and then sharing them via his book with his CEO members and 15,000 other business leaders around the world. From the more obvious sources, Jack Welch, Ray Kroc and W. Edwards Deming, to those who you might not expect to have wisdom to share with the business world: Willie Shoemaker, Vince Lombardi and Mike Tyson — it's all sage counsel and a bargain at that.".

- Steve Levene
Founder, Publisher, The Reporter Newspapers

Chairman Carter's Collection of Pithy Quotes - Enjoy! Be Inspired!

Chairman Carter’s Collection of Pithy Quotes


Bud Carter’s collection of business quotes is the by-product of more than 27 years as Chairman for Vistage, an international organization for CEOs.

In that capacity, Carter has heard more than 500 speakers, copying their more salient comments, adding others found in the business press, and then compiling and publishing them for his members, other Vistage Chairmen and the general public.

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About The Author

Bud Carter has spent a lifetime in search of the perfect barbecue – and collecting pithy quotes. As he puts it, “salient snippets designed to improve your bottom line, or, at the least, your disposition.”


About Vistage

Vistage is a 57-year-old international organization for Presidents and CEOs with 17,000 members around the world. For more information, please visit our website.


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